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What is RSS?

HughesClan now has live RSS feeds! RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and allows you to "subscribe" to different channels. The RSS feeds are updated at certain intervals so the data you receive is always current. For example, many news websites allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds that provide you with the latest current headlines. Here at HughesClan, we provide channels that list the top games in each category so you can quickly play the newest and most exciting games.

To subscribe to the RSS channels, you must have RSS software such as Mozilla Firefox, a free web browser that supports RSS feeds as Live Bookmarks. It also has great advanced browsing features such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and better security than Internet Explorer. Click on the button below to get Firefox for free!

Using RSS with Firefox

  1. Click the small orange icon  Livemark in the address bar to begin. You should see a drop-down menu like the following:
    RSS Menu
  2. Select the channel to which you wish to subscribe (i.e., "Top 10 Rated Games", "Action Games (Top 5)", etc.)
  3. You should see a window like the following pop up:
    Add Live Bookmark
    You can set the title of the "Live Bookmark" (a.k.a. RSS feed) to be whatever you want by changing the "Name" from "What is RSS? - HughesClan" to an appropriate title (e.g., if you are subscribing to the "Top 10 Rated Games" channel, you may wish to make the title "Top Games".)
  4. After doing this your browser should look something like this:
    Top Games RSS browser image
    If you don't see your Live Bookmark, select View>Toolbars>View Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox and make sure that the "View Bookmarks Toolbar" has a check next to it.

Current HughesClan RSS Feeds

Top Games - The top 10 games on HughesClan.

Action Games - The top 5 action games on HughesClan.

Sports Games - The top 5 sports games on HughesClan.

Strategy Games - The top 5 strategy games on HughesClan.

Other Games - The top 5 other games on HughesClan.